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The Interdisciplinary Research Institute of Toulouse (Institut de la recherche interdisciplinarire de Toulouse, IRIT)  is a not-for-profit research organization. Its basic interests are to encourage studies and research on the state of the art science and technology, and research on the impacts of the current development of science and technology, in particular, modern biotechnology (such as food metabonomics)and organic standards, on human society (such as Organic Ecology). IRIT provides a forum for intellectual exchanges in different natural science, technology, agro-industry, social science, law, and business domains. 

To realize the above work, IRIT is oriented to multidisciplinary research on the interface and interaction between science and technology and its social ramifications. IRIT has been keeping to attract scientists and researchers from different domains all over the world, and encourage them to work together on various RTD projects. All of the projects have been, or are being jointly carried out via local and especially international collaborations  ( Refer to our EU FP6 and FP7 partner website ). 

"Call for proposals" and "Position available" wherein applicable are denoted under the title of particular project. 

Refer to our News page for information about our RTD programs, policy-making research and conferences.  

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Science, Technology & Industry


Agriculture & Environment 

Law, Policy & Economy

Bio-microsphere innovation and industrialization




Plant Mixed Biochip (Patented) and

Plant Breeding High throughput Service

Cooperation Project 






Beyond Doha - Future China-EU agricultural trade: issues, problems, policies and prospects to 2015




Green and Environmentally Material: Natural Fibre Reinforced Composites (NFRC)

Cooperation Project 


JSY Product Design Consultant



Zhichu Group



Natural Fibre Reinforced Composites (NFRC) can be made in suitable kinds of polymer combining with flax, cotton, wood, agricultural plant straw, etc. NFRC are thought of as a substitute for glass fibre,talcum powder, asbestos, and so on, and have many unique properties: low density, recyclable ,degradable, environmentally friendl and from renewable source.
This research centre aims to develop natural NFRC specially applied in automobile industry.

High Quality and Low Nitrate Toona Tree Breeding




Creation of oversea private research laboratory for  China's RTD

( Policy making Reference for China Zhengxie 10(2), July 2003 Closed)

Request for paper 


Mechanisms in Brassica napus Haploid and Doubled Haploid Production

(EU PF5 program, cooperation with PCB and  PRI, WU. Closed)

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XuHan X, Jing H.-C, Cheng X-F, Iwanowska A., Kieft H, Bergervoet JHW, Groot SPC, Bino RJ, van Lammeren AAM (1999) Polyploidization in embryogenic microspore cultures of Brassica napus L. cv. Topas enables the generation of doubled haploid clones by somatic embryogenesis. Protoplasma 208: 240-247. 


Food Metabonomics




International law of the sea

(IRIT-ARI program. Closed)

Request for paper


MADS genes FBP7 and FBP11 functions during Petunia ovule initiation and early development

(Cooperation with PCB and PRI, WU, The Netherlands. Closed)

Request for paper

Cheng X-F, Wittich PE, Kieft H, Angenent G, XuHan X, van Lammeren AAM (2000) Temporal and spatial expression of MADS Box genes FBP7 and FBP11 during initiation and early development of ovules in wild-type and mutant Petunia hybrida. Plant Biol 2: 693-702.

 Semiotic Metabonomics for optimization of plant embryogenesis via experimental moduling




Creation in advertisement 

(Research and work in China, contract for 1 year, extendable to 3 years. Open)

2 Positions available


  Isolation and in vitro fertilization systems of forest trees 

(CNSF program, CAFS, IRIT-ARI.  Closed)

Virus free potato microtuber production and dormancy control 

(CNNSF program, CAAS, IRIT-ARI Closed)


Joint development of marine mineral resources and international law


Request for paper 


   In situ hybridization of plant materials

(International cooperation program, IRIT-ARI. Open)

Call for proposals

Organic ecological construction in dersertified areas

(International cooperation program, IRIT-ARI. Open)

Project initiation in Xinjiang, China: Organic ecological construction of grassland

Supported by China Ministry of Education


  Legal and marketing analysis of real estate for student residence in Toulouse

( IRIT-ARI program. Closed)

 Induction of Arabidopsis microspore embryogenesis

(International cooperation program, IRIT-ARI. Open)

Call for proposals


  Application of doubled haploid techniques in rapeseed breeding

 (Chunhui program, cooperation with Guizhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Guiyang, China. Closed)

Request for paper 


Economic analysis of Huperzia conventional and molecular breeding

( IRIT-ARI program. closed)

 High throughput tools to solve plant molecular genetic problems

(International cooperation program, IRIT-ARI. Open)

Call for proposals

  Somatic embryogenesis and in situ analysis of iron channels in sunflower embryos

(Cooperation with ENSAT, France and PCB, WU, The Netherlands. Closed)

Request for paper 

XuHan X, Brie C, Vall N, Borin C, A.A.M. van Lammeren, Alibert G and Souvr?A (1999) In vivo labeling of sunflower embryonic tissues by fluorescently labeled phenylalkylamine. Protoplasma 210: 52-58. 


  Economic analysis of Huperzia conventional farming

( IRIT-ARI program. closed)

 Photovoltaic neno-science and plant chroroplast and biomass utilization in renewable energy production

(Multisector Cooperation Program, Open)

  Breeding of novel genotypes, and in vitro and in vivo production of flamingo flowers (Anthurium scherzerianum)

(International cooperation program, IRIT-ARI. Closed)


Circular economy: sustainable development and local agricultural innovation

( International cooperation program, IRIT-ARI, Ile Verte.  Open)

 Plant tissue and cell biochip: Phytochip

(IRIT-ARI. Closed)




  Functional analysis, optimization of application method, and extension of a high efficient, low-toxic and low-residual pesticide to protect vegetables from grey mold and sclerotinia blight

(International cooperation program, IRIT-ARI. Closed)


Genetic engineering and international biosafety regulations

(Cooperation with Max Planck Institute for International Law, Heidelberg, Germany. Closed)

Request for paper 


Phytochip assisted selection technology in plant breeding

(IRIT-ARI. Open)


Preservation, reproduction, and production of Huperzia

(International cooperation program, IRIT-ARI. Closed)


Transplant Breeding Technology

(IRIT-ARI. Open)

(Patent pending)

Innovation and certification of organic fertilizer and pesticide 

(International cooperation program, IRIT-ARI. Closed)


  Phenotyping of a Brassica napus leave-on-leave genotype



Greenhouse  designed specially for biomedicine raw material production 

( IRIT-ARI program. closed)


Phenotypic analysis of poly-cone type Pinus massoniana tree 

( International cooperation program. IRIT-ARI, GAFS. Closed)

Request for paper 


Introduction of self-reproducible  medicine crop to arid regions: reducing environmental stress while increasing economic income 

( International cooperation program.  Closed )

Cultural exchange between France and China: installation of Chinese traditional food production in a French food processing factory

( Ile Verte and Artegel cooperation program.  Closed)


 Plant mutation-based breeding


Genetic markers assisted tolerance selection via establishment of haploid populations in Brassica rapeseed


In situ wild fern protection and reproduction for maintenance of biodiversity and supply of organic food 

(Chunhui program, cooperation with Dingxi Agro-Center, Gansu, China. Closed) 

Organic ecological recovery of desertified areas in mid- and downstream regions of Shiyanhe and establishment of key technologies and a standard system

Chunhui program, cooperation with GAAS Gansu, China

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