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Organic ecology is a new science and technology term: to protect, recover; construct and re-construct the environment in an artificial, multidisciplinary, scientific way, to optimize development and environment benefits, instead of carrying out environment protection according to pure ecological principles. In many cases, scientific planning for the above environment protection and recovery as well as (re-)construction is absolutely needed that is independent from present or original geographic, climate states.  If a given damaged environment is located in a climate zone already differing from its original one, or will be different from that, its environment protection, recovery and reconstruction can not be carried out only based on ecological principles. A multidisciplinary approach, with considerations of present climate state and future climate nature and economic utility in a given area, will provide a better harmony for the sustainability: production, environment protection, and society development.

Circular economy provides a technological mean to solve environmental protection problems in production; it can be coupled to organic ecological planning. Standards of green GDP can be used to measure the environmental benefits in production, but organic ecology demands more future environmental benefits and optimized sustainable development instead of a technical measure. Organic farming standards should be considered in advance in the organic ecological plan if organic agriculture and food production will be carried out in a given area, but the term "organic" is rather "natural" in organic farming than "artificial"  in organic ecology.

This concept was first established and introduced into environmental and social RTD by IRIT-ARI in 2004, in a cooperation project with China.

Organic Ecology International (OEI) is a not-for-profit association and a forum on world ecological affairs, sponsored jointly by IRIT-ARI and Ile Verte Group. Different from limiting to organic farming or organic agriculture, organic ecology, proposed by Prof. Dr. Han Xu , IRIT-ARI, focuses on sustainability of a harmony global environment, including agro- and non-agro-environment, and overall development of human society. At present, OEI pays attention especially to the recovery of world most (en-)damaged lands, such as desertified areas, karst and arid lands, endangered forests, decreasing wetlands, over-farmed  regions and waters. For sustainable development, OEI calls for a turn to circular economy in human society, and applies organic ecology standard for all agriculture, industry, environment and economy measures. 

Any natural and legal persons who have a concern to world sustainability are welcome to join this Association and forum. 

Our Mission

Our missions are to optimize sustainability, recovery of endangered lands and waters by means of organic ecology.


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Forum of Organic Ecology and Circular Economy : Organic Ecology International publishes RTD and policy-making papers, reports and reviews in this forum. It also presents relevant laws and policies. 


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