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Institut de la Recherche Interdisciplinarire de Toulouse 


Toulouse Interdisciplinary Research Institute (Institut de la recherche interdisciplinarire de Toulouse, IRIT) was established under the supervision of the Association of Interdisciplinary Research (International) (Association de la Recherche Interdisciplinaire, ARI), which was legally declared to the public in October 1997 in Toulouse, France, as a non-profit research society. The basic interests of ARI are to encourage studies and research on the impacts of the current development of science and technology, and to provide a forum for intellectual exchanges in various RTD domains. To realize the aims of ARI, IRIT-ARI is oriented to multidisciplinary research on science and technology and its social ramifications. Since its establishment, IRIT-ARI has been attracting scientists and researchers from different domains all over the world to initiate and carry out RTD projects, and to encourage them to work together on various RTD projects. All the RTD projects have been, or are being jointly carried out via international collaborations (refer to the EU FP7 partner information of IRIT-ARI)

Since 2002, IRIT-ARI has started to receive visiting scholars to conduct fundamental and applied innovation research based on running projects funded by the Institute, or jointly funded by the Institute and other public and private entities. 

At present, fundamental research in IRIT includes plant cell and molecular biology, in vitro culture based plant breeding technology, food metabonomics, metabonomics-based eggplant breeding, sustainable agriculture technology; environmental science; circular economy; international law of the sea, bio-laws on international regulations of genetically modified organisms (GMO) technology and application. And, applied research includes engineering of novel microscope and image process systems, and high throughput tools for molecular genetics; development of methods to control potato (micro)tuber dormancy,virus-free seed potato production, poly-genotype potato cultivation; doubled haploid rapeseed crop production; organic vegetable/food production; flower breeding; biomedicines or their raw materials productions; reforestation; organic ecology. 

IRIT welcomes all individual researchers and professionals, and private or public, scientific, technologic and industrial sectors as well as foundations to jointly initiate and / or carry out research programs. Research and innovation targeted proposals are warmly welcome, and all proposals submitted to IRIT via E-mail will be evaluated at once and be treated to be strictly confidential. 

Refer to research and development "R&D" section for "Call for proposals" and "Position available". 

Again, starting from the year 2003, in response to knowledge transfer and student/scholar exchange between France and China, IRIT-ARI provides a service for legal translation between French and Chinese, refer to "Service" section for details.

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